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Dear Member, please find details of Newton Tennis Club Fees for the 2018 Season. Please bear in mind there is an increase this year to help fund the new courts project.

Annual Subs

Sports Club Membership (mandatory)

Under 18's/Students/Over 65's pay £10 to the sports club

Adults / Employed pay £20 to the sports club

Tennis Club Membership

New members - Introductory offer £40 for the first year which includes the £20 to the sports club. Membership form is here Membership application form.docx

Adults/Employed  £50 if paid by 1st May otherwise £60 therefore total payable if paid by 1st May £70 else £80 (includes £20 club membership)

Under 18’s / Students £25 if paid by 1st May otherwise £35 therefore total payable if paid by 1st May £35 else £45 (includes £10 club membership)

Unemployed / Over 65's £30 if paid by 1st May otherwise £35 therefore total payable if paid by 1st May £50 else £55 (includes £20 club membership)


The Sports Club offer family memberships (2 adults + 2 children) of £25. This can be paid to any of the sections e.g. football, rugby, cricket or tennis. If you do not pay it to the tennis section then you don’t pay the £10/£20 sports club fee above.



Adults/Employed £3.00      U 18's / Students / Unemployed / Over 65's        £2.00

Match fees should be paid to your captain on the night of the match.  Annual subs should be paid to the treasurer Pete Whitty.  Where this is not possible, please pay your Captain. Cheques to be made payable to Newton Tennis Club.  

Annual subs can be paid in full or in 4 instalments or less.  £20 of the annual subs is your membership fee to Newton Sports Club.  This is due by 31st May 2016.  You will be reminded to pay your annual subs by your Captain at regular intervals.  If you are finding it difficult to pay your annual subs please speak, in confidence, to your Captain or any member of the Committee as soon as possible.

If you have any comments or suggestions please contact any of the committee below and these will be raised during committee meetings.


Captains/Match Secretaries:

Men’s 1st Team - Keith Roberts

Men’s 2nd Team – Ged Pearson

Men’s 3rd Team – Bernie Sharrock

Men’s 4th Team - John Yates

Ladies - Loraine Potter

Mixed 1st Team – Mike Denmade

Mixed 2nd Team – Loraine Potter       

Men's Match Secretary – Pete Sharrock

Ladies Match Secretary – Loraine Potter

Mixed Match Secretary – Kathryn Hales

Knockout Match Secretary – Mike Denmade

O45's Match Secretary – Pete Sharrock / Heather Holcroft

KO 1st Team - Mike Denmade

KO 2nd Team - Pete Sharrock



Committee Members

Chair – Roger Holcroft; Secretary – Kieron Potter; Treasurer – Pete Whitty; 

Website – Pete Sharrock

Other: John Yates; Tommy Taylor. Lorraine Potter, Jennie Hughes, Denise Chorley


Hope you enjoy the tennis season 2018.  Let’s hope its a successful one!

The Committee



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